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Play as Sir PastryFork in a crumbling world, where every single action you take creates a new universe. See how your actions change the different outcomes of this world.

What is it exactly?
(What's the many world theory? How does it affect this game)

DämmerLicht is mainly a top down rpg. The most important aspect of this project is that it is mostly based on the many world theories. How does that work? Well the game as different levels (similar to a angry bird or candy crush) But in each level the player will have different outcome depending on what he does. For example if we take Fallout 4 and apply it to this game it would do something like this: you get a quest to rescue someone. Well if you do rescue him, you unlock a level which is the universe/timeline where that character gets saved, if you don't save him, you unlock a level where this character doesn't get saved and let's say you happen to die. Well you unlock another level where You have died.

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Published 328 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Music, Pixel Art


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Dämmerlicht_Windows_V1.0.zip 58 MB
Dämmerlicht_Linux_V1.0.zip 71 MB
Dammerlicht_OSX_V1.zip 71 MB

Download demo

Dämmerlicht_Windows_V1.0_Demo.zip 58 MB
Dämmerlicht_Linux_V1.0_Demo.zip 71 MB
Dammerlicht_OSX_V1_Demo.zip 71 MB


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Hmm... The full OSX file seems to actually be the demo file/

Sorry about that, just reuploaded the file, should be the right one this time. =/

Still the same issue. Says demo in the corner and remembered my spot in the game. I double checked to make sure the file I launched was the new one.

Hum it's possible that it's written demo in the corner but that you can actually access the entire game, I'll try to reupload it though.

I thought that too so I tried to enter level 3-1, but it still comes up with "Level not available in the Demo" message.

After downloading it again, now "Demo" is gone from the corner, but it still says level 3-1 is not available in the demo when I try to click on it.

Is it possible there is a file or folder that got created in demo mode that I need to purge from my system or something?

That's what I thought, but I'm not saving the fact that you are playing the demo or not.
You can go in Dammerlicht_OSX_V1.app folder, there should be a content folder, look for
a file named playerinfo.dat if you delete it, it should reset your save.

I'll try to figure out if there is any error in game, or in the OSX build,
I will upload a new build before the end of the day.

Sorry again for the botheration.


Okay I found the issue.
Just uploaded a new version,
should fix the issue on OSX full version.



I just noticed, the OSX version has broke umlauts, so the ä is display as Ñ. This is broken for the app folder and the binary itself. I had to rename it, to get it running.

Hey! Sorry about that, I don't own a mac so I couldn't really test it out.
If you got a moment, could you send me an email, I'd like to get in touch to
try to improve the mac version. RoyalTeaTimeStudio@gmail.com

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you about this game by email? :)

Hi Pinkerator,

You can contact me by email at any time at : RoyalTeaTimeStudio@gmail.com :)

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