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Play as Sir PastryFork in a crumbling world, where every single action you take creates a new universe. See how your actions change the different outcomes of this world.

What is it exactly?
(What's the many world theory? How does it affect this game)

DämmerLicht is mainly a top down rpg. The most important aspect of this project is that it is mostly based on the many world theories. How does that work? Well the game as different levels (similar to a angry bird or candy crush) But in each level the player will have different outcome depending on what he does. For example if we take Fallout 4 and apply it to this game it would do something like this: you get a quest to rescue someone. Well if you do rescue him, you unlock a level which is the universe/timeline where that character gets saved, if you don't save him, you unlock a level where this character doesn't get saved and let's say you happen to die. Well you unlock another level where You have died.

Current Content:

There's currently only 2 different playable levels, but there's a possibility of unlocking more, there's a total of 6 unlock able levels at the moment.


Wasd - Move

E - Speak to nearby NPC

1 - pull out/ sheath your sword

Left/Right arrow keys - Turn/ attack facing direction

Known Bugs:

None that I can think of right now.
Ai is pretty basic(doesn't go around things)
But please report any weird behavior.

Future Development:

If nothing really changes the game should be released before Christmas. (25th Dec 2016, Yes this will be quite a simple game)

Things to NOT expect :
-Equipment System

This is more an adventure game then a traditional RPG.
The main aspect of this game is really the story and different choices.

The final game will include:
-A bigger story
-More levels
-More Npcs
-More Enemies
-Possibility of a small upgrade system (purchasing bonuses)


This is still in early development, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially on the art style (since I'm not really an artist)
as well as the combat system,controls,story...


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Hello, I can help you with the story and possibly game development in the future. If you are interested, Please tell me. Also, I am going to be doing a youtube series on what this has to offer so far. If you could insert me into the game or something? That would be nice. Furthermore, tell em what you think.