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Hmm... The full OSX file seems to actually be the demo file/

Sorry about that, just reuploaded the file, should be the right one this time. =/

Still the same issue. Says demo in the corner and remembered my spot in the game. I double checked to make sure the file I launched was the new one.

Hum it's possible that it's written demo in the corner but that you can actually access the entire game, I'll try to reupload it though.

I thought that too so I tried to enter level 3-1, but it still comes up with "Level not available in the Demo" message.

After downloading it again, now "Demo" is gone from the corner, but it still says level 3-1 is not available in the demo when I try to click on it.

Is it possible there is a file or folder that got created in demo mode that I need to purge from my system or something?

That's what I thought, but I'm not saving the fact that you are playing the demo or not.
You can go in folder, there should be a content folder, look for
a file named playerinfo.dat if you delete it, it should reset your save.

I'll try to figure out if there is any error in game, or in the OSX build,
I will upload a new build before the end of the day.

Sorry again for the botheration.


Okay I found the issue.
Just uploaded a new version,
should fix the issue on OSX full version.



I just noticed, the OSX version has broke umlauts, so the ä is display as Ñ. This is broken for the app folder and the binary itself. I had to rename it, to get it running.

Hey! Sorry about that, I don't own a mac so I couldn't really test it out.
If you got a moment, could you send me an email, I'd like to get in touch to
try to improve the mac version.

Hello! I wonder - how to contact you about this game by email? :)

Hi Pinkerator,

You can contact me by email at any time at : :)

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