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What it is:

Stockholmia is a hard,turn based , slow paced strategy game. It was created as an entry for the 35th Ludum Dare.


Prevent the knights from getting to your castle(last row of the grid)


During the slimes turn, using the arrow key will move all slimes by one tile in that direction ( all slimes move at the same time)

During the player remove phase, click on a hill to remove it.

During the player place phase, click on an empty grass tile to grow an hill.

Game Rules :

-All slime move at the same time.

-Knights move one by one.

-Units can't pass through hills

-To attack another unit, the unit must be adjacent to it and move in the direction of the target.

-Every attack as 50% chance of killing it's target

-When a knight dies he get transformed into a slime.

-You can't win.

-Knights have a high spawn rate (80%) so you'll be overwhelmed for sure.

More :

This is an entry for the 35th ludum dare made by RttStudio ( a newly created one dev studio.) This was my first game jam ever and I really enjoyed being part of it. I was really busy that week-end so I didn't have much time to work on it but I'm quite proud of the final result. You can learn more about Stockholmia or RttStudio here. You can also send any review or bug or anything at RoyalTeaTimeStudio@gmail.com.


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